Facts You Need to Know About Whole Life Insurance in the UK

Whole life insurance in the UK is very popular. Some people mistaken whole life insurance as something similar to term insurance. Though both are insurance plans, their coverage differ from one another. If you want to know more about whole life insurance, then this article is certainly what you need.


Understanding What Whole Life Insurance Is


If you are planning to get whole life insurance in the UK, it is vitally significant to know the how it works. Of course, it is not advisable to get into something that you do not have sufficient knowledge. Below are some facts about whole life insurance that you should definitely know and understand:


1.)    When you sign up for whole life insurance in the UK, you will be obliged to pay premiums for a lifetime. Sometimes, you only have to pay until a certain period of time. Nonetheless, just because you are no longer required to pay the premiums does not mean that you are no longer covered as well. Remember that whole life insurance is good for a lifetime.


2.)    Whole life insurance in the UK does not only cover death. They also cover critical illnesses. A lump sum of money will be given in order to fund the expenses for your medical treatment. The number of payouts is dependent upon the insurance policy.


3.)    If you suffer from illness that prevents you from working and earning money, then your premiums will be paid on your behalf until a certain period of time. Check the terms and conditions section of an insurance company website for more information about this.


4.)    Setting up the policy in a trust can avoid the delay the release of money to the beneficiary. It can also avoid the risk of being responsible for paying inheritance tax. Therefore, it is recommended to set up the policy in a trust.


What Are the Purposes for Whole Life Insurance?


Many people still do not get the idea of whole life insurance. Why would they pay for something that they won’t get until they are dead? Well, whole life insurance in the UK is designed to allow you to provide financial assistance to your family and loved ones even when you are no longer capable of earning money or even when you are already dead. Below are some of the possible purposes that you might use your whole life insurance for:


1.)    It can be used for your funeral costs.

2.)    It can help your dependents to sustain their daily needs even when you are no longer by their side.

3.)    It can used be when you are badly sick.

4.)    It can be used as a cash gift to your family or to your chosen charity.


There are many use of whole life insurance. This is the reason why even when it is more expensive than the term insurance, many people still choose this over the other. If you are interested to get whole life insurance now, start scouting for a reliable and trusted insurance company.


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Don’t Underestimate Benefits From Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes


Low cost is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of term life insurance policies. These policies are recommended only after a systematic analysis of the financial status and future requirements of policy buyers. Currently, it has become easy to understand the cheap term life insurance quotes. It is not recommended to buy policies without going through the details of the quote.


The Essence Of Cheap Quotes


Potential customers would be more interested if the presented quotes are cheap. Without a doubt, term life insurance quotes remains the simplest and the easiest option. Though, the main reason for buying these policies is for the death benefit, they too have an important role to play in person’s life. At a lower premium rate, these quotes are prepared by the insurance companies since they become more appealing to policy buyers.


Attractive Features For Term Life Insurance Quotes


In order to attract people with cheap term life insurance quotes, they should have attractive features. Low premiums are one of the attractive features because it prevents burden to people while fulfilling their household duties. These cheap insurance quotes give us several ways in which the policies can be renewed without you facing hassles. When we renew term policies, there will be additional rates provided in the quotes. To help people purchase these policies easily, some cheap quotes are not fixed.


Why Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes Are In Demand Nowadays?


Societies have a huge chunk of masses who cannot afford the higher premiums. Though, the rates of all term policies are low, still many individuals cannot avail due to lack of funds. Term policies with cheapest rates have proven to benefit from low and middle classes. It is the main reason that people search for cheap term life insurance quotes as it inspire people to understand specific term policy offered at lower rates.


The Varying Cost


The cost of term life insurance provided by the insurance companies is based on the attraction of term policies. The costs differ and it is not guaranteed that a policy will have similar and constant rate for everybody. Depending on various factors, the rates may vary from person to person. Based on the existing rates, the amount can be raised without added benefits.


The Inconsistency Of Cost


The reasons for the inconsistency in the term life insurance quotes could be due to the term selected, health history, lifestyle and age. The cost of renewable policies and straight term policies differ. The major benefit of straight term policy is the same cost till the end of the term period. It changes only when the policy is new. Usually, the insurance quotes contain details like the terms and conditions and price of the policy.


Renewable Term Life Insurance


The cost of renewable term life insurance may keep changing. The negative aspect of these policies is that, they are renewed at the end of the first term, but the cost keeps on increasing every stage. Moreover, once the first coverage lapses with completion of the first term, there is no certainty that similar coverage would be given upon renewal. As luck would have it, the cost for this would increase for least benefits.


Understanding The Varying Term Life Insurance Quotes


It is important to understand the varying term life insurance quotes when we are renewing. The cost may change owing to the health history of the policy buyer or holder’s readiness to renew. The terms are usually for a 5 year period. It is also possible to have a policy for more than thirty years. If you buy term policies, do not underestimate the cost of term life insurance to avail best possible use.


The term life insurance policy is popular because of many reasons. One reason is its cheapness in rates. Like all the major and minor aspects of the financial condition, a detailed analysis is done to meet the future needs of beneficiaries. Without going through the details, it is impossible to buy the right insurance policies. The fact remains unconcealed that term life insurance is the simplest option among insurance types. Even though these policies are availed for death benefit, this benefit also has important role in one’s life. Since these policies do not have cash value insurance companies to prepare quotes with premium rates, they become sought after if cheap term life insurance quotes are presented to policy buyers.


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Determine The Mortgage Product Types That Work Best For You!

There are different mortgage product types of home buyers to avail if they plan to get a mortgage loan. A loan officer will be the one to help you determine the right kind of mortgage loan that will be right and best for your situation. However, just to give you the basic idea, let us begin by knowing the conventional mortgage. The Conventional Mortgage is a mortgage product wherein you can meet the maximum amount loan based with the credit standards and guidelines. Most lenders need to follow the needed credit standards in order to get this mortgage. Normally, one can get the amount of $417,000.00. Take note though that the amount can possibly be adjusted yearly. The loan can be used for refinances and purchases. The loans available for this option are the adjustable rate and fixed rate.

A Mortgage Option For First Time Home Buyers

Of course, to include in the list of mortgage product types is the FHA Mortgage. This one is insured by the local housing administration. This kind of loan is created so that buying a home, even if it is your first time, will be easier. This is a better option to many because the credit requirements are not that strict and the down payments required are lower compared to other mortgages. The entire cost of the loan may be higher compared to the other conventional mortgage, this one works best for those with bad credit history. You can avail the adjustable rate or the fixed rate too.

VA And Jumbo Mortgage

There is also the Jumbo Mortgage. Generally, the interest rate for this mortgage product is higher or the amount exceeds than the conventional loans. Sometimes, it will be cost-effective to just opt for a second mortgage than this type of mortgage. To include in the mortgage product types, there is also the VA Mortgage that can be availed for past members of the armed forces.

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Getting Instant Term Quotes For Financial Security

Instant term life insurance is perfect for your needs because it has simple procedures with limited paperwork as a part of the requirement. You can get your insurance in a minute without exerting too much time and effort. In a real sense, it is not advisable to start a higher premium right away since this may hurt your financial plan. It is common that people ask for instant term quotes from different insurance carriers to get the deal they want. With this, they feel the risk of life is eliminated. But, what if there is an unpredicted incident that causes the inevitable? Your surviving family members would not only suffer from the pain of your loss, but also the pain from the medical expenses and the rest ever growing financial needs of the family. With instant term life insurance, you can prevent all these troubles.

The Assurance

The instant term quotes have to be compared. There is no use if you are just searching all over, and obtained a quote from one, realizing that there is still a better option available in the market. It is easy for you to apply for many quotes and sort out the comparison chart for you to determine the pricing easily. While comparing it would be a nice thing to do since you can go over the features of each term life policy, there are still things that are confusing that you browse the FAQ section to get the maximum assurance in your scheme. Aside from the online customer, the help lines are easy to access that you will no longer have a problem connecting with any of their staff.

The Good Option

If you have done the required homework by sorting out other quotes received from providers, the instant term quotes are good options. Every insurance company wants you to fill your information in a simple form with basic information. After signing up, you furnish your age, proof of income, address and mobile or telephone number. Even though the coverage can be availed online, it takes minutes to sign up. You mention your bank to have electronic transactions, such as clearance of payment. This is also one way to online banking formalities. For clear transactions, you need an appropriately funded account. Basic policy types instant term quotes are good and do not cost much. This will help you get the contentment of having insurance as well.

The Features Of Instant Term Quotes

1. Just contact insurance companies and ask for quotes for a particular coverage amount.
2. Know all the documents needed.
3. Check out the glossary to understand the legal terms better.
4. Remember that Instant approvals are possible.
5. The instant life term quotes can be sent to your email or mobile.


The Perfect Way To Get Instant Term Quotes

The perfect way to get going with insurance is simply to get instant term quotes. You cannot afford to risk your life without insurance because life without insurance means the transferred risk to your family in an event of accidents. You need to get a complete download of the disbursement policy, as well as obtain a cheap quote and increase the coverage as you settled in your employment. You may include your spouse and also other family members in getting insurance because the period can be extended for up to twenty years. It is true that after 20 years, you become trim and healthy. The amount you receive as reimbursement may be used to recompense your existing loans or get the property of your choice. This is a guaranteed happiness.

The Confirmations

Instant term quotes can be sent to your cell phone or location. By reading the magazines and newsletters, you are able to understand the policy better. If you want to speak with a counselor, you can seek help online from counselors through web discussion forums or chats.

There is no perfect life, but there are right decisions to make things right. By saving your healthy state of life, Instant term quotes provide complete security for your family. Even if there is a troublesome incident, your family will be financially saved. You can get complete protection if you plan appropriately and adequately.


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The claims Industry in the UK

The claims culture has hit the UK in the last 2 years for financial products with over 1000 claims companies getting authorized by the MOJ but what does this really mean for the consumer and what type of products should the consumer be looking to for possibly being missold moving forward.

The first thing the consumer needs to be aware of is that all companies have to be regulated by the ministry of justice to carry out claims activities in the UK and if they are not then they should not use them. To find out if a company is registered simply follow this link and it will take you to the MOJ register where you can find out if they are registered or not. https://www.claimsregulation.gov.uk/search.aspx

This will ensure you are using a legitimate company to deal with your claim if you choose to do so.

As we all know payment protection insurance has been in the headlines for nearly 2 years as millions of people have been missold it but many people have also lost out as a result of the Banks actions when dealing with their claims so here is what you should do if you are making a claim.

Never give up and take it all the way to the Financial Ombudsman as all the major Banks have an appalling record for this type of claim at the Ombudsman and more claims are upheld at this stage in favour of the consumer than the Banks so do not stop your claim simply because the bank says you were not missold.

In our experience none of the major banks advised consumers that they had an option to purchase the insurance from another source which simply means every case was missold and you should include this as one of the reasons if you are making the claim by yourself.

Next let’s cover the myth that people like Martin Lewis has created that ppi claims are simple and we should not be using claims management companies to deal with our claims.

If you do not hold any paperwork and are unsure if you had ppi added to your finance agreement then you need to do a DSAR letter first to the finance company or bank to obtain your file which will cost you £10.

Once you have the file you need to check and see if ppi was added to the agreement and if so you then need to write a letter of complaint outlining why you feel it was missold and include the Ombudsman questionnaire with your letter which currently is 8 pages long.

You have to have some knowledge of the exclusions of this type of policy to see if it would have applied to you which will build up your case for being missold in the first place.

Next your complaint is not upheld by the Bank or finance company so to take it to the next stage you need to complete the Ombudsman’s other claim form and the send this along with the initial ppi questionnaire and the decision letter to the financial ombudsman.

Oh there may be another stage if the Ombudsman does not uphold your complaint in the first instance which is their appeal process and again you will have to show reasons why you think the initial decision was wrong.

So we can all see the process is not easy for millions of people as we just need to look at the Ombudsman’s figures which in December 2012 showed they were receiving 5000 complaints per day relating to ppi.

While I agree with Martin Lewis and Which Magazine that many claims companies are charging far too much for their service I do not agree that people should be doing it alone and here is the reasons why.

People may have several financial products with their Bank which I have seen first hand and some of these may have also been missold to the consumer but if the consumer is unsure what to look for then they could be missing out on large amounts of compensation. I personally did a DSAR for 2 clients from the same family and after the PPI Claims were sorted out the family got in excess of £25,000 in compensation for being missold other financial products.

How many other people who have made a claim on their ppi for being missold have lost out as a result and this is the reason I believe both Martin Lewis and Which magazine were wrong in their stance of encouraging people to make their claims by themselves. As I said I totally agree with their stance that claims companies were charging far too much for the service and 25% and above and would have much preferred if they had encouraged people to use the services of good companies that offered acceptable fees as I think it would have been in all consumers’ interests and seen many of them potentially get more compensation as a result of being missold other products.

The clients that I have referred to above were both missold FSAVC pensions which they would never have been aware of and as a result the compensation for this alone was in excess of £10,000 then they were missold their protection policies which resulted in just under £20,000 compensation and also their investment was missold which resulted in even more compensation.

Had they made the ppi claims by themselves they would have missed out on this further compensation which is a clear reason people should not be doing ppi claims by themselves.

PPI claims made simple is a myth for most people so do not be caught out and if you want to make a ppi reclaim then use a claims company but do not pay more than 15% for their service.

Other Financial Claims you may have

Other financial products you should be looking at to see if they have been missold to you while you are checking for ppi include

Life insurance you will be surprised at how many of these policies have been missold in the past. Common reasons include single people with no reason or desire to leave an estate on their death, people who have reviewable premiums and were unaware of it is another reason it may have been missold.

Whole of life insurance policy is another product that has been widely missold to people especially if the premiums are escalating as many are unaware and will not be able to afford these increases in retirement.

Investments are another common missold product and I have lost count of how many people have been told they have a cash ISA with their bank only to find out it is invested in stocks and shares or told it is low risk when in reality it is high risk and does not match their attitude to risk.

People advised Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Pensions or FSAVCs as they are commonly known when they already had a final salary pension at work and would have been better advised to join that instead of the FSAVC scheme.

All of the above I have encountered for clients by simply applying for a DSAR request so you can see the importance of doing your ppi claim the correct way as it can unearth huge potential for people all for one simple cost of £10.

It is frightening to consider the amount of people who has taken Martin Lewis ppi advice and Which Magazines advice and making their claim by themselves without requesting the file using the DSAR.

One thing I am sure of is that those people who have done so will have left millions of pounds in genuine compensation with the banks as they have not checked their files correctly.

The good news for those people is they can still check their file for the potential of being missold other financial products by simply doing a DSAR request to the bank and checking for other financial claims even after they have received compensation for mis sold ppi.

If you would like further information or help then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you and remember this service comes on a no win no fee basis and the success fee is only 15% plus VAT on any successful claim.

Start the process today as you could be owed thousands from the Banks for being missold other products.

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The Claims Management Industry

As we will all be aware the claims management industry has exploded in the last 2 years due to the amount of people wanting to make a ppi claim as it is considered it will cost the industry £25 billion pounds before it comes to an end.

The good news for consumers is claims management companies will not just look at ppi but will start to look at other areas within the Financial and insurance market and with more and more revelations coming to the forefront every day consumers can expect compensation for a variety of different financial products that have been missold.

People will start to look at their pensions especially them that have been encouraged at some point to transfer their final salary pension scheme and many older people will start to review their investment bonds as the returns on most of these have been poor in the last 4 years and the income withdrawn will have outweighed the gain in the bond meaning the capital is being eroded which many people will not have been advised of at the point of sale.

We have also seen mortgage complaints increase over the last few months and some claims companies actively chasing these types of claims now and I am sure in the not too distant future the Financial Ombudsman will shed clarity on these types of claims which could see the flood gates open up which could see ppi claims eclipsed in terms of the amount of compensation awarded to consumers.

So what will the future hold for claims management companies after ppi has gone?

We will see a big decline in the number of claims companies as many do not have the expertise to deal with other types of financial claims moving forward and it will be more important than ever for the consumer to ensure they select the correct claims company moving forward with different types of claims to ensure they have the best chance of success with their potential claim.

People will need to ask what expertise the claims staff have if they have a pension claim, mortgage claim or investment claim as most of these products are complex and the claims company needs to understand all the issues surrounding these claims, for example most claims companies will not understand the tax implications to the consumer on an investment or with profits bond which is crucial if they were to assess the claim so people need to be careful moving forward.

Financial claims involve all types of products in the financial market including those mentioned above but also house insurance, car insurance and even term assurance so if you feel you have been missold any of these products then proceed with caution when selecting your claims company.

PPI Claims

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